INDAGRA Romexpo 2019, Bucharest, Romania

At the INDAGRA Romexpo in Bucharest from 30.10.-03.11.2019, Adinter company presented for the first time in Romania: a bEST feeder pan, a Zefir destrificator, German air inlets and Total Control controllers for microclimate management in livestock houses.

Exceptionally popular were the linear actuators for opening air inlets and the bEST drip cup - large, robust and easy to clean due to its smooth C-shaped arm.


Trade Fair Moscow, October 2019

Exhibition in Moscow, where Sagrada company presents a high quality feeding line with the innovative bEST feeder pan.

This time in cooperation with Deltafan - manufacturer of chimney and wall fans and ventilation chimneys for livestock houses.


International Agricultural Agro Show, Bednary, Poland

XXI International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW from 19th to 22nd September 2019 in Bednary near Poznań is the largest outdoor agricultural exhibition in Europe on an area of 120ha, which means an ideal place to fully present the possibilities offered by the bEST elements of equipment for poultry houses:

  • feeding lines
  • drinking lines
  • transport and storage of feed
  • ventilation
  • cooling
  • heating


XXVI International Days with Agricultural Advisory Services Siedlce, Poland

During the XXVI International Days with Agricultural Advisory Services on 7-8 September 2019 in Siedlce, customers were interested not only in the bEST feeder pan, but due to the hot period, also in elements of the ventilation and cooling system for livestock houses:

  • Zefir destrificator
  • German air inlets
  • Colling Pad
  • Total Control microclimate controllers
  • ventilation chimneys
  • fans
    For the first time we were accompanied by the mascot bEST - a nice chicken - who quickly became friends, not only with the youngest visitors, and became the attraction of the event


Trade fair, Nepal 2019

The bEST feeder pan was very popular during the fair in Nepal. Many visitors wanted to see the innovative design of the bEST feeder pan and were impressed by the feed saving and easy cleaning it allows. Even TV visited the stand asking for more details about the bEST feeder pan.


Delivery of bEST metal silos

Each bEST metal silo can be transported on 1 pallet of 1m wide and 2.5m long, regardless of the silo capacity. A standard 13.6m truck can load 12 pallets with metal silos bEST


Delivery of bEST plastic feed silos

The silo body consist of vertical parts - 40m3 and 52m3 silo of four parts and the other silos of two parts, very light and easy to install. They will be connected by bolts, nuts and mastic, which makes them perfectly tight, protecting the contents against moisture and weather conditions.
All materials required for silo assembly are included with each silo.

Due to this construction of the silos they can be loaded in large quantities into lorries, reduces their transport cost. Silos, until 15 tones capacity, can be transported by standard truck 7.7m long.