Turkey fattening feeder pan

Turkey fattening feeder pan

 Contains up to 4 kg of feed

360° flooding distributes the feed evenly

Excellent performance

Made of high quality material resistant to impacts and crushing when the manure is removed by the machines

The smooth edge of the feeder bowl does not injure the birds during feeding and gives comfort

Clean feed inside the pan

Each feeder pan  contains 4 kg of feed, which stays fresh what increases the birds' appetite

Construction of the turkey feeder prevents birds from entering the feeder, sleeping and stayinginside it as well as contaminating the feed with droppings

Easy access

Turkey fattening  feederpan is designed to bemounted on a round tube fi 44,5 mm

The number of feeders on the line should be chosen in the amount of 30-50 turkeys per one feeder

Ring for feeder pan

Special ring  for feeder pan minimize feed waste

Diameter of feeder pan without ring 36 cm  

Diameter of feeder pan with ring 44,5 cm

Control unit

The feeder has a reinforced structure that ensures its long-term operation

The pan position  capacitive sensor activates  the motor of feeding line when it is empty

Plastic hopper bEST

Capacity: 100 liters

Total height: 93 cm

Out put for galvanized pipe: fi 44.5 mm

Stainless steel bottom part with metal shaft