Poultry weighing scale

Equipment designed for the automatic weighing of birds

The set consists of module TC W, load cell and a hanging pan

On the control panel is screen and buttons with direct access for:

- the weighing history: minimum, average and maximum bird weight every day

- statistics of all parameters

- manual mode

- current data


The scale can be synchronized with climate computers for example: TC1204, TC1204+


connected to the Internet through the central communication box Total Control R  (TCR) to remotely monitor and save all data in the cloud on a website or in a smartphone and tablet application

The control of birds weight every day

It provides the following information:

- Minimum weight per day
- Maximum weight per day
- Average weight of all birds
- Daily increase of the weight
- Flock uniformity
- Coefficient of variation
- Standard deviation


Two types of pans:

- K1 for broilers and breeders with 55 cm platform diameter

- K2 for turkeys with 95cm platform diameter

Technical data

IP protection class: IP67
Voltage: 230 V
Outputs: 1 CAN port Precision of weight: 1g

Connection to climate computer or to central communication box - Total Control R (TCR) - through the cable

Poultry weighing scale - leaflet for download