Silo weighing system

Silo weighing system

Designed to monitor quantity of feed in silos and the feed consumption

It consists of:

- Mechanical hot-galvanized support for each one leg of the silo – matched to the weight of the silo and with special upper fixing for plastic and metal silos

- MHK junction boxes - depending on the amount of silo legs

- the controller module with product codes SWD
which can be connected by radio or cable with central communication box Total Control TCR - and through TCR with web platform to control the data online

Support for silo legs

Galvanized, resistant for weather conditions

The bottom part of the support assembled with a 5-tonne or 7.5-tonne load cell under each leg, depending on the weight of the silo

The upper part of the support has a special fixing – other for each  kind of silo
- plastic - product code 8852-04
- metal - product code 8852

The grounding cable is added to the each one support

SWD Controller

A tool to control the costs of breeding, feed consumption and production and loads management

Feed consumption and loading statistics for 120 days

Alarm of minimum feed

Switch off the feeder for silo loading to increase weighing accuracy

Possibility to connect to a smartphone or computer through TCR for online access to all information


Junction box for SWD controller - one for each silo with up to 4 legs

Product code: MHK1


Junction box for SWD controller  - one for each silo with up to 8 legs

Product code: MHK2

SWD - Option for 1 silo

Weighing system controller for 1 silo

Product code: SWD1

SWD - Option for 1-3 silos

Weighing system controller for 1- 3 silos

Product code: SWD3

TCR - Mobile access

The TCR communication control panel connects via cell phone network or via WIFI connection. It allows remote control of all poultry farm systems from anywhere in the world using an application from a smartphone, PC or laptop with Internet access.

Benefits of a mobile TCR system

Minimal installation, connection and configuration costs

Requires no additional equipment or expensive fiber optic cables

Allows you to exercise overall and detailed control over farm operations with summary tables, charts and alerts

Allows you to minimize the number of service personnel

Allows you to view, compare and analyze the data archive of the last 3 breeding batches

Allows centralization of an unlimited number of buildings and sites, regardless of the distance between them

Silo weighing system - leaflet for download